Thursday, November 16, 2006

California Drunk Driving Laws

You want to know what I like about California? It's the laws. States really need to start cracking down harder on criminals. This is the reason why so many other countries lack high crime rates. They punish severely! Now I'm not saying that we need to chop off the hand of someone who steels a loaf of bread, but I am saying that we need harsher punishments in general. Clearly our judicial system is not having a strong enough impact on those who break the law. Take drunk driving for example. This is far too common in America. The sad reality is that far too many drunk drivers end up hurting someone other than themselves. Maybe it's time we all converted to the california drunk driving laws. I do like their "3 strikes you're out" policy. This will have a more powerful effect on the public in general.

Do you know much about the california drunk driving laws, or any state laws for that matter? Hey, just a heads-up here, but you may want to look into them for your own good. This in fact may discourage you from drinking and driving. Here where I live in a rather rural community, there are plenty of drunk drivers out there. I constantly see folks getting pulled over on Friday and Saturday nights. This makes me happy in a way. It stinks that their drinking and driving, but I'm glad to see them punished. You can always tell when someone has been drinking. They have no control on the road. I avoid these vehicles like the plague. Every time I spot one cruising next to me or in front of me, I clear out of the way. I'm not putting my family at risk. I wish we had some of the stricter california drunk driving laws in place here. Maybe then some of these idiots would learn not to mix the two. I think after on incident a person should lose his/her license for at least a year. This would have a strong effect on the guilty and dissuade others from drinking and driving.

If you're a California resident and not up to date regarding the california drunk driving laws, then I suggest you get online and check out what's up. These laws can change as time progresses. Our country is trying harder to squelch this redundant issue. However, this always requires stronger measures. Get on the web today and read about california drunk driving laws and the laws in your state.