Saturday, October 21, 2006

Amish People

Imagine a lifestyle completely different from your own. At this point I suppose most people will ponder the endless possibilities of wealth, beauty and fortune. That's basically what everyone does. They begin wishing for a life that's better in some way, shape or fashion. Of course it has to involve a massive income and a beautiful partner. The truth is most of us don't really think about the other half. You know, the ones who are less fortunate or have less than we currently do. Imagine what this may be like. Then there are the ones who choose a different way of life. Take the amish people for instance. These folks are not forced to live in the old-fashion manner in which they do. It's all about choice and sticking with the old ways and traditions.
I doubt you know any amish people. Okay, that's a pretty big assumption on my part, I know. Personally I can't say that I've even ever spoken with modern-day amish people. However, I did used to see them all the time. Back when I lived in a very small town in Northeastern Iowa, amish people would ride through the town on occasion in their horse and wagon. It was quite bizarre for me to witness this. It's hard to believe that some people choose such a limited way of life in such a modern era. Well, limited in the technology sense anyway. I always heard my father gripe about the amish people that resided near by. He was a game warden and simply couldn't agree with their ways of life. The Amish would kill animals to eat, regardless of whether or not they had a hunting license or the game was in season. I guess you could say this is living off the land. For me it's difficult to hold them accountable in the same manner. They live in their own little world so to speak. Should the amish people be subject to our laws and ways of life, even if their world fails to affect us in any way?
It's a good idea to learn about the amish people before you judge them. In fact, it's always a wise plan to do your homework before making ridiculous assumptions. One thing I have learned about these people is that they work together and they're amazing carpenters. A group of them built a cabin for my brother up in Iowa, and it is outstanding. Get the scoop on their way of life today.

American Idol Tour

Everyone dreams of being a pop star. I know that I do. That is why the American idol show has been such a phenomenal success. You can see it everywhere around you these days. People just line up to see American idols live. But the popularity has spawned a huge number of concerts, and you will have the chance to see this phenomenon live if it is what you really want to do. There are people all over the world who are going out this summer to see the American idol tour, and that is no joke.
My cousin was one of the first people in line when the American idol mall tour stopped by her home town in Saint Louis. My cousin is no fool. She is a typical Midwestern mall rat, who has all the clothes, the attention of all the boys, and of course is always up on the latest celebrity gossip. So when she learned about the American idol tour, she was one of the very first of the kids to get there to get tickets, and try to meet the idols. She even signed up to audition for the American idol tour. Although she did not quite sing well enough to make the cut, the judges told her that she had talent, that she should come back next time, and that she should buy as many tickets to the American idol tour as she could, and take all of her friend. As I said, she is no fool – she did just as they asked her, without a second thought.
Of course, if you are going to see the American idol tour, it is probably best to brush up on your tv trivia before you go there. On the off chance that you can meet a star on the American idol tour, you do not want to make yourself look like a fool by not remembering all of the important details about their career. On the contrary, you should probably no every outfit that every star on the American idol tour has ever worn, at least in each public appearance. Talent is for jazz musicians, if you ask me. For American idol stars, what makes them big is their beauty and sense of fashion. Who needs to sound good when you can look good on the American idol tour on tv? That is the ticket to success.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stationary Exercise Bike

Stationary Exercise Bike
Working out often requires a bit of ingenuity. It isn’t always possible to find a place to run, and getting to a gym isn’t always as easy as some would like you think. When this happens, you have to find a way to exercise in your home, or at the very least, have an alternative to the gym when you just can’t get there. Some people like to workout to DVDs, but a stationary exercise bike is a very easy to use and popular choice for many people.
The great thing about a stationary exercise bike is that you can find all sizes. No matter how small your home is you can probably still find a little space to fit one in. They are usually easier to move around than a treadmill, and some can fit into a tiny corner. A stationary exercise bike is probably pretty easy to find as well. If you can’t afford a new one, chances are good that you can find a good model that has been used, but is still in great shape. Look in local classifieds or even your local thrift store to find one.
A stationary exercise bike is ideal for almost anyone. Even those with special medical conditions may be able to use one for exercise. You should discuss this with your doctor, of course, but you may find that a stationary exercise bike can help you get the exercise you need without putting too much stress on your body. If you have bad knees, this might not be the case, but in most other cases, it is easy on the body, as long as you use it correctly.
You can buy new models all over the place. Most department stores carry these, and you can also find a stationary exercise bike in health and fitness stores. There are a lot of exercise machines that come and go in popularity, but the stationary exercise bike seems to always be available. The standard isn’t the standard any longer either, as there are so many different types, and you may have a hard time selecting the model you want to purchase.
The most important part of owning a stationary exercise bike is making sure that you use it. It won’t do you any good sitting there in the corner collecting dust. Also remember to keep an eye on the moving parts to make sure they are oiled as necessary, and that the screws are all tight and fit securely so you don’t have an accident while using your stationary exercise bike. Remember to keep children away, as they can get hurt if they stick their fingers in the chain or in the moving wheel.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business
About two years ago, my husband and I decided to research what starting your own business would be like. He knew his industry and area of expertise incredibly well and we had known several people who successfully started their own businesses and loved it. Starting your own business sounded like a great idea and something that we figured we could accomplish. My parents advised us to slow down and think before we got in over our heads or signed on any dotted lines. We figured, we were grown up and knew what we were doing. Afterall, I had just turned 30 years old - I was capable of knowing what starting your own business would entail. Now that I look back, I realize that I should have listened to my parents when they gave out advice on starting your own business. I would still have supported my husband 100% but we definitely would have done some things incredibly differently.
Starting your own business isn't just a decision that you make overnight. Trust me on that fact and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You need to realize that starting your own business will affect your life in every way possible and could really dampen your personal financial situation greatly for the first few years. I never thought about the fact that starting your own business doesn't mean that the profits are going to start rolling in. In fact, even if your starting your own business starts off as a huge success, that doesn't mean that you can even touch your profits right away. There are so many more expenses involved in starting your own business than I would have ever guessed. While the profits were steadily moving in for us starting on the first day, our business loan and overextended credit needed to be taken care of first. We had many people tell us that starting your own business usually means that for the first several years, there really isn't a profit. We laughed at that thought and just assumed that people were trying to discourage us. It is now two years later and while our business is successful, it isn't always easy to pay yourself. The bills and loans need to be paid first.
When starting your own business, get some professional advice. Talk to someone who knows what starting your own business is about. Perhaps that would be a family member or a professional - someone can help you know all the ins and outs of starting your own business. It isn't as easy as it sounds. Starting your own business is terrifying and rewarding. Make sure that in starting your own business, you have an excellent business plan whether you're trying to borrow money or not. Having a business plan helps you figure out what your goals are when starting your own business. You should also know what amount of money will be needed when starting your own business. We underestimated greatly and ended up putting entirely too much on our personal credit cards. That's a terrible idea when starting your own business. Think ahead.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Affordable Health Care

More and more Americans are in need of affordable health care. Some employers for hardworking employees have had to cut back on some of the health care for everyone because of the rising costs and working with a budget. I know, I am one of them. I have a great job and prior to 2006, I had amazingly wonderful health care. Suddenly, my employer announced last fall that it was getting too expensive and switching health care providers. The company was seeking more affordable health care that would benefit all of its employees. Some people will argue that my new insurance is still great and I am fortunate to have it. I do agree, to some extent. However, their search for affordable health care now costs me double the money from my paychecks to have my husband and daughter on my policy. Yes, that is correct, it is costing me double what I was accustomed to. This means, that for my company to provide affordable health care to all of the employees, it is no longer affordable for us. Without getting a raise, my paychecks are dwindling just so that my family can have health care.
Granted, my health care is still decent. The new company that we have is not as good as our previous. In my opinion, my company's search for affordable health care not only left all of us with a significant cut in our paychecks, but higher co-pays and more out-of-pockets expenses from us. Four years ago, I gave birth to a wonderful little girl. My old insurance paid 100% of my hospital stay. Today, if I had a baby, it would cost me almost $4,200 for my out-of-pocket fees. That's just for the hospital and delivery. I would also be paying more for my co-pays. Somehow, it just doesn't seem to be fair to the majority that is involved.
There are more and more affordable health care programs being created to help those that do not have any coverage. Single mothers, families working for companies that don't offer coverage, low-income households - they are all able to get affordable health care or even free health care. While I am appreciative of those programs because they are savings lives and helping people to grow stronger and healthier, some people take advantage of them. Those programs should be for struggling families who are taking steps to better their futures, not for people who have no motivation and live off of the state systems and affordable health care programs. The taxpayers, such as myself, are contributing to the affordable health care programs. Meanwhile, my family hesitates to visit the doctor because the costs we now could incur. My employer definitely found advantages to finding affordable healthcare for its employees. However, their money saving technique wasn't good news to employees. We suddenly were making up for their affordable health care endeavor - by seeing less of our paychecks. Something needs to be done in this country to offset rising costs and provide more affordable health care to those who are in need.