Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Local Car Dealers

I have come across this new car dealers website and I would surely like to write something about it.

I was searching for car dealers near my area when I found this website. Its called Wexu, (I don't know what does this name

stands for ( but it provides quite huge database of all local car dealers in any state, or even in cities of

America. For example, lets say if you are looking for a Ford car dealers in Chicago, the you can just checkout Ford Chicago or similarly Toyota Houston for Toyota car dealers in Houston. I tried even smaller

cities and it worked great for them also. I am really impressed. I have been looking for such a car dealers site from long.

So if you are looking for any local dealers of car and don't know where to look for, I would surely recommended this small online car dealers website to help you. I am sure it would be of great help to you.

Wedding Makeup That Lasts

Wedding Makeup that Lasts

On your big day, you want your wedding makeup to last. Not only that, but you want to look stunning in your photographs. In order to insure that your makeup will last as long as possible, it may be best to hire a professional to take care of it. However, here is some advice to keep in mind even if you do hire a makeup artist.

Use a makeup base. Several cosmetic companies offer products that go on under your eye makeup or lipstick that help your makeup last. Eye makeup base provides a layer that your eyeshadow and eyeliner can adhere to. This prevents creasing and helps the colour stay on longer. They offer similar products for lipstick. However, try to find a lipstick base that is also moisturizing. Some products contain ingredients that dry the lips out. You'll need your lips to stay nice and moist so you can smile all day.

Get rid of extra shine. A shiny face looks even worse in photographs, especially if the photographer uses a flash. After washing your face, apply an oil controlling product. After that absorbs, apply a thin layer of loose powder. Apply foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual. Follow up with another thin layer of loose powder. Carry some pressed powder with you so you can control any shine as the day progresses.

Lasting lipstick. One of the first things to fade is your lipstick. Follow these tips that will help your lipstick last. First, apply a moisturizing lip base. Then, apply lip liner in a shade that is a little darker than your lipstick. Use a soft pencil. Fill the lips in with the pencil. Apply one coat of lipstick and blot gently. Apply another coat of lipstick but this time do not blot. Press a thin layer of facial tissue gently to your lips. Using a large brush, apply a thin layer of pressed powder to the tissue. The tissue acts as a screen, letting in only a small amount of powder. The powder helps the lipstick set and keeps it on longer.

Pack a makeup bag. No matter how hard you try to create a lasting look, you still may need to do some minor touch ups throughout the day. Pack pressed powder, lipstick, mascara, and eyeshadow just in case your colour needs a boost.

Sally Lopez is a freelance writer and marketing manager of Marcell "Professional Make-up Artists".To learn more about wedding makeup and the latest makeup tips visit

Monday, December 18, 2006

Photoshop For Beginners

Using Photoshop is like driving a bicycle: once you learn, you’ll never forget. It is very easy to use Photoshop for your image editing needs once you learn how by using Photoshop Tutorial which is a great place to start; it would become second nature to you. But just like learning to ride a bicycle, learning to use Photoshop is never easy. Color palettes and the confusing assortment of menus are sure to discourage even the most valiant beginner. Truth is, Photoshop is a very comprehensive tool such that even a professional Photoshop user would be surprised when he does something with it that he never knew was possible.

The fact that learning Photoshop is a very daunting endeavor need not stop you, however. Photoshop was designed for human use so be not afraid to try it. The trick is in trying it first.

To try it, prepare a simple image that you have already backed up since you are certain to botch it your first try. And since learning Photoshop is best done through experience, do not hesitate to try each and every single tool in the vast menus that you have a mind at trying. This would help familiarize you with what these tools can do for you. Of course, you should also read the help section for more specific information and shortcut Photoshop Tools.

After the first try, do not give up. Practice your Photoshop prowess countless times and read more self-help literature for more assistance and check out plenty of Photoshop Tutorials at PS Workshop. In no time at all, you’ll be zipping through Photoshop like a pro.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Save Your Phone Bill with Internet phone

VoIP is the technology that allows consumers to make phone calls (local, long distance or international) with an Internet connection, instead of traditional phone service. Since Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge a fixed monthly fee for connection, sdo theoretically, you could make unlimited phone calls free. In order to do that, you’ll need a VoIP providers. What VoIP service provides is the translation of your voice to data packets transmitting over the Internet when you talk, and the translation of data packets conveying the voice messages from other end of the phone to the voice that you can hear when you listen on the phone.

There’s a cost of using VoIP service of course. After all, VoIP providers need to make money just as what ISPs do. Vonage phone service is one of mostly used VoIP services. VoIP providers charge a flat monthly service fee between $20-$50 dependent on the service provider and the plan. If you make a lot of calls especially expensive international calls, the saving from many minutes of free international calls using VoIP will easily justify the flat fee you paid for VoIP service. If you don’t talk often but have a high speed Internet connection already, the choice to sign up with a VoIP service is still justified since you could completely drop the standard local and long distance phone services you use. If you don’t talk often on the phone and don’t have a high speed or broadband Internet connection, VoIP service is likely more expensive that standard phone service. You’ll have to pay for broadband Internet connection.

The quality of VoIP service rivals traditional telephone service now even though many users still have the memory of poor sound quality and connectivity that markek the early VoIP. N fact, VoP has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service. There’re many VoIP providers and a few major players. For instance, Vonage boasts over one million subscribers and offer service in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and other European countries. Vonage VoIP continues to offer new services and plans to meet the needs of both business and residential markets. Small businesses could use VoIP as an alternative to 1-800 numbers to cut down the cost of phone bills.

Evolution of VoIP and Internet Phone

The history of VoIP or Internet Telephony dated back to 1995 when a few hobbyists developed software for sending voice data packets over the Internet, so they could make unlimited long distance calls free of charges. Early VoIP were with poor sound quality and connectivity. Besdies, it required both callers to have a computer equipped with the same software, the same sound card and the same microphone. Today, the quality of voice over IP now is crystal clear and rivals the one of traditional telephone. The VoIP services from leading provider Vonage are subscribed by over one million users by 2006.

VoIP landscape changed drastically when Cisco and Nortel entered the VoIP market with hardware equipment that allowed easy switch between standard phones and the voice data packets on the Internet in 1998. The new hardware made the VoIP hardware less computer dependent.

VoIP finally took off in 2000. It has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service since then. The growing acceptance of VoIP in both business and residential phone use is evidential in the phenomenal success of Vonage, a major player in VoIP market today. Vonage offered VoIP service to business communities in 2001 and signed its first residential customer in 2002. Year 2003 was marked by the first platform for 911 calls on VoIP software. Between 2004 to 2005, Vonage launched VoIP service in Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and other European countries. Vonage phone service charges a monthly service fee, and calls (local, long distance or international) are technical free or unlimited. With more than one million subscribers this year, Vonage VoIP continues to offer new services and plans to meet the needs of both business and residential markets. Some small businesses have started to take the advantage of the flat fee of VoIP plans. They now have an alternative to 1-800 numbers to interact with their customers.

How to Pick Sweet and Unique Birthday Gifts

Sweet childhood reminds us the sweet memory of different flavors of candies: Hershey chocolate, Bubblicious and LifeSavers. Most children have a natural passion for sweets, so a candy present is almost a must-give when it comes to birthday gifts.

Among the easiest birthday gift ideas, rock candy is easy to prepare, just dissolve sugar in water and boil stirring continuously with a wooden spoon until the solution grows clear reaching a rolling boil. Put the mixture in a jar and cover with waxed paper with a string or skewer suspended in it, and after one week you will have rock candy as the water evaporates.

Major discount marts, supermarkets, and convenience stores offer a large array of birthday gifts made up of chocolate candy such as World's Finest Chocolates, so just a visit can inspire your own home-made birthday gifts. Adult birthday celebrations must not be left out, and there are also many birthday gift ideas based on candy.

Some specialty stores sell true artwork carved on chocolate candy or molded in sugar free candy reproducing famous sculptures or everyday symbols like a heart or the type of cherubs representing Valentine's Day. In fact, many birthday gifts are associated to other common celebrations such as Mother's Day, Halloween or Christmas because birthdays occur any day throughout the year.

Surprise your beloved ones with sweet birthday gift ideas designed with them in mind. There are a number of birthday gifts promoted as "the candy you ate as a kid". These gifts are an assortment of popular candies from the 1950s such asLindt Chocolates, Necco Wafers, BB Bats, Kits, Bun, Nestle chocolate, Ice Cubes, and other fresh old-fashioned Chocolate candy.

History of Chocolate: Now and Then

The sweet history of Chocolate can be traced back to thousands of years. Ancient people brewing the seeds of the cacao tree into a yummy beverage was the beginning of the wide assortment of chocolates that we enjoy today. Once chocolate was discovered by European conquests, it became a treat only the wealthiest could afford. Sugar and spices used to sweeten it were expensive too and out of the common man's reach. It was in the 1800's that the industrial age and mass production made chocolate candy affordable for everyone.

As chocolate candy became more popular and accepted worldwide, more companies were established, and many others disappeared shortly after. In the United States, the pioneer was Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, founded in 1852. Ghirardelli chocolate was the first American brand.

Milton S. Hershey founded the Hershey Chocolate Company after visiting the Columbian Exposition. Hershey sold his former Lancaster Caramel Company, but retained the rights to produce American chocolate products. Hershey chocolate was just the beginning of one of the most successful business in the United States.

Along with Lindt Chocolates, Nestle chocolate, Ghirardelli chocolate, and Hershey chocolate, Mars is the other brand of chocolate candy sharing the top five as producer of some of the World's Finest Chocolates.

Different brands from different origins, the top chocolate candy brands are manufactured in America, preferred by consumers for about one hundred years, and ahead of other chocolate products distributed or produced in the United States, a nation that exports today the World's Finest Chocolates all over the world.

Chocolate candy became a big hit in stores in the form of the candy bar. It took its place proudly on the general store shelf next to the gum drop, hard candy and candy cane bins of the day. From that meager beginning, the varieties available today are mind boggling. Chocolate candy is available in many different flavors, shapes and with limitless ingredients. Some ingredients such as nuts and fruits are complimentary to the flavor and texture of the chocolate and left whole or diced inside the candy bar. Spices and other flavorings are also added to enhance the chocolate or add interesting flavor notes. Some people can taste a story in their chocolate candy. The flavor medley tells them through their tongue what region of the world each ingredient came from. Travel by chocolate!

Chocolate can also be enjoyed either inside a candy coating or as a coating itself over other yummy treats such as ice cream.

Sports Gifts for Men and Boys

If women love flowers, jewelries and performs, then men and boys love sports and sports accessories. When it comes to pick gift ideas for men or boys, sports gifts are always welcomed regardless the occasions - Christmas gift ideas for boyfriend, Valentine’s Gift Ideas for boyfriend, or graduation gifts for teens.

If your boyfriend is a football fan, a ticket to a football game or football shirt shows that you really know what he likes. If your husband actually plays soccer, soccer shoes, shin-guards, soccer jersey, or a soccer ball will really turn him on. Tickets to a soccer game, or a video type for playing soccer are unique Valentine’s gift ideas for husband too.

For your teenager sons who like swimming or skating, books about swimming and a personalized skater are personalized gifts that they will remember for years to come. For your little boys, a scooter, better with a superman sign on it, will get them excited for weeks and months.

The gift ideas for boyfriend, man, husband or boys are only limited by your imagination even though it’s more challenging to come up with gift ideas for men than gift ideas for women. Besides sports gifts, tech toys, car toys, or digital gadgets are loved by men of all age too. They’re perfect Valentine's gifts for men and boys. An iPod is a precious gift choice for boys or teenagers, a Personal Digital Assistant (or PDA) would actually help a professional or businessman’s work beside the symbolic meaning of gifts.

For gift giving, it's the thoughts that count more the gifts themselves. It's the presence that counts more than the presents themselves.

How to Pick Perfect Valentine's Day Flowers for Women

While New year’s day marking the end of winter holiday season and holiday shopping, Valentine’s Day is just about a few weeks away. Each February 14th, people around the world send millions of greeting cards and flowers to their loved ones. Even for the countries that don’t celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Valentine’s Day. If religions divide the people, then love unites the world. When it comes to Valentine's gifts, we’re really talking about flowers and especially the flowers for women. When we say Valentine's day, we really mean beautiful flowers. Men love flowers too. Men are searching for Valentines day flowers, and women send Valentines flowers to men as well.

The symbolic meanings of a particular flower and color of flowers have been formed over many centuries. They are often associated with moving fairytales too. To lovers, red roses are always the first and the best choice for Valentine's Day flowers. Red color is associated with romance and the love from the heart. The relationship you have with your girlfriend affects the color of roses you send. Red roses are generally reserved for longer relationships where the couple is passionately in love. Pink roses are more appropriate for a newer and fresher relationship. They symbolize the relationship and happiness, but do not put any pressure on the girl regarding your feelings other than to let her know you really like her. However, many girls would rather receive the flowers and certain color of flowers they love, instead of the flowers that their significant others would like them to receive. Any color of rose is appropriate as long as your girlfriend is passionate about a certain color. Primrose, in essence, says that you cannot live without her. Red signifies passion, pink that she is on your mind and white sweetness.

If you are buying flowers for a daughter or a mom, then affectionate and cheerful flowers are more appropriate - wild flowers, tulips, Gerber daisies, or any flower that is a woman's particular favorite. Pink, yellow, orange, or white roses are popular choice and appropriate for a mom or daughter Every woman loves roses, and the alternate colors brighten up the rose as well as show love in a non-romantic way. Red roses are reserved only for romantic relationships.

Of course, Valentine Gifts are not limited to just flowers. If you lsten what she says and look at what she does, you’ll surely come up with gft deas to surprse her with love. Jewelries and perfumes are perfect Valentine's Gift Ideas for girlfriend or wife too.

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U tube movies or Dvds?

In My Opinion one of the best buzzs on the internet these days is u tube you can get rid of the tv because getting to that point of laughter sometimes is really healthy so I thought that I would make sure everyone knew what u tube video clips were and how you could benifit from them . There are many differnet categories at u tube so you should be able to find just what you are looking for from Sport to Automotive see example here utube naughty videos well hope you enjoy your videos . Catch you soon - Audio and Web Conference Calls

Looking for a conference call company that offers web conferencing and local or international conference calls at prices well below the competition? has all of these services bundled together, and offers excellent service and 24/7 customer support.

Check out their site and receive 60 minutes of free conference call service with no stings attached. offers competitive rates too, which is something you usually won’t find with a full-featured teleconferencing company; in addition the rate decreases automatically as your volume increases. There is no setup fee or minimum monthly charge; you simply pay for what you use. offers direct digital connections, and has relationships with major long distance service providers ensuring that you will get the highest quality service available, along with prices of 50% less than other conference call service providers. Whatever your web or audio conferencing requirements, offers a high quality service to meet your needs. - Audio and Web Conferencing

Looking to impress your clients with your next web presentation? is the perfect company to help you close that important business deal. Recently acquired by telecommunications giant Premiere Global Services, Netspoke offers a full variety of web conference, audio conference and reservationless or assisted teleconferencing services.

Invite over 500 people to your next team meeting or seminar with Netspoke’s web conference service and host a highly productive event at a fraction of the cost of face-to-face meetings. Engage your audience and boost participation with professional operator assisted conferencing. Netspoke will manage every detail of your conference from beginning to end.

Netspoke boasts an impressive client list, and is now owned by Premiere Global Services, so your company can be confident going into their next web or audio conferencing meeting knowing that the presentation will be a smashing success. - Audio Conferencing

With all the teleconferencing companies out there these days, choosing the best service for your needs can be confusing to say the least. Some require long contracts and commitments, and many of the well known telecommunications companies charge outrageous prices.

Well, I’ve found the most inexpensive conference calls service available. specializes in providing audio conferencing for under $20 a month. If you currently are paying more than 3.9 cents for your conference calls (and who isn’t) then you should check them out. uses the latest audio conferencing technology on the market for the highest quality conference call experience, so you are paying the best price available and you are still receiving a great quality service. offers access to toll or toll free numbers, can handle up to 125 participants in your call, and provides all the features and controls you need to conduct a professional conference call event.

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Great Directory by Jim Westergren!

Jim Westergren has again done a fantastic site - this time a directory.

Check out Add It has over 30 000 active links, very nice detail pages and real time editing of links from users.

Here you can for example see a the category Insurance.

What is also very nice for those submitting is that they can preview the detail listing and edit their links even before the link is officially approved by the editor.

Getting Instant Secured Loans

Although taking your time to find a loan is the best option, there are times when this simply isn’t possible and you need money fast. Generally, these loans will be needed for a short period of time, after which you can pay the money back. Although there are a number of instant unsecured loans on the market, they are usually for small amounts of money. If you need a larger amount of cash quickly, then you should look at an instant secured loan. Instant secured loans can help you can get a decision in just a few minutes, even if you have a poor credit history.There are many reasons why you might need a loan within a very short space of time, although it is usually due to unexpected expenses that you could not hope to budget for. These expenses are usually essential, and can include items such as car repairs, healthcare costs and house repair costs. If you don't have the money readily available but need to pay these expenses fast, then an instant secured loan might be the best option. This is especially true if you have a poor credit history and are unable to get an unsecured loan.

The Thrifty Scot

The Scottish people have earned themselves a reputation through the years as a plain spoken, down to earth and honest bunch of folks. It makes sense, then, that one of the best sources of financial advice on the Internet should be ThriftyScot.ThriftyScot is a simple, easily navigable site that gives no nonsense, down to earth advice on personal finance. Arranged into several categories, ThriftyScot's advice guides you through the often confusing world of personal finance and leads you towards the best money-saving deals available.Of all the categories offered at ThriftyScot perhaps the most useful is the credit cards section. With advice on credit cards offered by a wide range of lenders.Beyond the credit card pages, ThriftyScot offers fantastic advice on remortgages and secured loans. Since a home tends to be the most expensive and important purchase of your life, it makes sense to find good solid advice before you take out a mortgage. Additionally, it's just as important that you make sure you have all the facts before you take out a loan that uses your home as collateral.

Credit Cards Vs Debit Cards

Although credit cards are the most popular forum of credit around, alternatives such as the charge card also have their benefits. Despite both forms of cards being popular, many people do not know the difference between them. If you are looking for the best type of credit, then you really should compare the relative advantages and disadvantages of credit cards and charge cards. They might serve the same purpose, but if you know the differences between them you can get the right type of credit for your needs and hopefully save yourself some money.It is hard to say which type of card is better, although if you want to carry a balance then you have to opt for a credit card. Credit cards generally have more flexibility, as you can pay the money back more slowly. Credit cards also have the facility for 0% balance transfers which gives a huge advantage. However, if you are someone who always pays his or her bills back in full each month, a charge card might be the answer. This will give you greater spending power when you need it without allowing you to go into debt and pay interest on it.

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U Tube Or Dvd

How many films would you guess you view in a week’s time? Would three be an accurate guess? Or maybe you’re addicted like me to u tube and the answer is more like 26 or 37. Regardless of your movie habit, I know where you can acquire them with minimal fuss and hassle. No, it’s not the mom and pop store down the street. They’re typically out of every new rental because they only carry one of each movie.
Full Article u tube video

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Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

There's no doubt that many things have changed since back in the old days. Now when I say old days, I'm referring to back when your parents were in school. At least this has been my impression of the "old days" from listening to my folks rant on and on. One thing that's quite different now concerns equality in the workplace. Although it seemed to be non-existent back in the 50s and 60s, things have certainly changed since then. Imagine how someone may react if you give them a quick swat on the butt in this day and age. We're talking lawyers, courtrooms and the whole caboodle. I seriously doubt many individuals want to grapple with all that mess. Yes indeed, sexual harassment in the workplace is one heck of a topic in modern times.
Sexual harassment in the workplace is in no way something to be taken lightly. Remember Clearance Thomas and Anita Hill? This was an utter mess. Ah, the joy of politics, sexism, and high profile jobs. Oh, and don't forget the gargantuan incomes. I'm sure a couple of those were involved as well. Anyway, this began a whole new movement for women in particular. No longer do they need to keep quiet and just deal with some annoying male's aggressive actions and remarks. And I'll never forget the way folks started pronouncing the harassment. Dang that still annoys me! Regardless, sexual harassment in the workplace has cut down quite significantly since then. And this is the way it should be. We all have to be able to read people and act professional in a supposedly professional environment. This is crucial if you plan to make it in the corporate world. Today's human race has no desire, nor tolerance for any sexually deviant behavior. Well, at least not in the workplace. You get the point.
Basically when it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, it's imperative to be educated and aware. Therefore you must know what constitutes sexual harassment in the workplace. You may actually be surprised at what some folks call sexual harassment. It doesn't necessarily have to be physical. Words can also be deemed as harassing. One thing is for sure, you don't have to put up with it any longer. This is the age of the judicial system and inalienable rights. It's all about speaking your mind and the power of voice. Hop online and learn more about sexual harassment in the workplace now.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

U Tube Video

Utube Video has become one of the most popular ways to get you video clip online these days and with te help of camcorders that most houses have these days some very interesting video clips are showing up on sites like utube video clips on the other end of the scale we have smaller scale sites making the most of the action such as utube video camcorder also taking advantage of the u tube video keyword phrase although both sites have different intentions both site full the need for other utube business such as which recently has been seeing over 2 million vistiors per month and the owner of the piping company has even gone as far as to sue the original u tube video site . WHY ? many would ask surely having an extra 2 million visitors to your website per month is a good thing ? right ? even if you are selling pipes it must be tempting to change to a site something like u tube video clips you never know google might turn around and see you as a threat and buy you out , they did pay around 1.6 billion for youtube so something has to be said for the video site craze. All i know is if it was me I would be sure to have my site advertise at least some sort of video product if it was me . Could easily kick up your feet and move to some island and relax you life away while you smiled away at your fortune .
Well thats my small rant for today

Monday, November 20, 2006

Dr Dre

"Andre Young, a.k.a. Dr Dre, co-founded the notorious rap group N.W.A. (with Ice Cube and Eazy-E). The group was one of the most successful hip-hop groups of the late 1980s and helped lay the foundations of west coast gangsta rap. Dre's 1993 solo effort, The Chronic, was a critical and popular success. Later in the 1990's, Dre turned his attention to producing. He helped launch the careers of Warren G., Snoop Dogg and Eve of Destruction, and in 1999 Dr. Dre helped produce Eminem's top-selling The Slim Shady LP."Dr Dre Snoop Dog Fan Site

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Laser Hair Removal Information

Cool Glide is the only laser hair removal system that can treat dark Hispanic, Mediterranean, Black skin without discoloring the pigment, without destroying the pigment." It's called the Cool Glide because of its refrigerated tip. It enables the laser to effectively treat the follicle without generating the heat of traditional lasers. It typically takes 12 treatments to remove the hair entirely, and the whole procedure costs a few thousand dollars, but it is permanent.
For More Cool Laser Hair Removal Information

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Perhaps one of the favorite treats that are loved by children and adults alike are chocolate chip cookies. As a mom who likes to bake, I know that this particular cookie is the most requested in my family. As the holidays approach I often find myself scrambling to find the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies.
There are tons of options when it comes to baking these tasty treats and mixing things up is a great way to make the same old cookie a little bit special. Many recipes can be found in baking cook books and you can even consult a seasoned cook in the family for some ideas as well. No matter which recipe you choose you are pretty sure that the chocolate chip cookies will be appreciated.
Now that the World Wide Web is a hub of information for a plethora of topics, I have started searching for new recipes for chocolate chip cookies to add to my collection. The great thing about the Internet is you can find information very quickly and you can print the recipes out as you search. In no time at all, I had a handful of unique chocolate chip cookie recipes to try.
Each year, I create a special cookie gift basket that is filled with decadent chocolate chip cookies for my grandfather. Every arrangement is a little different and I make sure that I do include his particular favorite among the different recipes. His favorite is the Toll House Cookie recipe that has been used for generations.
My grandfather swears that the best chocolate chip cookies are made from this traditional recipe. He does like the others that I present to him but none beat the Toll House recipe in his estimation. This classic has been the foundation for these kinds of treats for many years. No matter how many different approaches I try, I always make sure to have a few dozen Toll House versions in the presentation.
Of course, I do dabble in the occasional lady finger and thumbprint confection but nothing brings smiles as big as my chocolate chip cookies. No matter how many different versions I try I can’t seem to go wrong with this particular treat. I guess that I am so good at baking chocolate chip cookies because they are my personal favorite too.
There are times when baking isn’t an option. Those times call for extreme measures. I like to order chocolate chip cookies online for the last minute gift. They are so well received that I almost get a little jealous.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Birthday theme(s)

Birthdays are excellent reasons for arranging celebrations, whether you are thrilled about getting another year older. Aging can be a wonderful process, although sometimes painful as well. Birthday celebrations can be a great time to get friends and family together. I've never heard anyone complain about eating cake, opening gifts and blowing out their candles. However, the older you get, the harder it can be to find a birthday theme that will entertain all ages. When your children are younger, it is quite simple to pick out birthday themes for their age group.

In fact, as long as you have cake and ice cream and games, you probably won't even need birthday themes for kid's birthdays. They always find a theme of their own that leads the party. For adults, a birthday theme can almost be a necessity. I mean, when you're turning 40 or 50, parties are boring. You show up, wish them a happy birthday, eat some cake, sit around and talk, and then leave. Boring. If you ask me, there's nothing worse than attending a boring birthday party where everyone sits around and there's awkward moments with everyone. You want to leave the moment you arrive.

Having a birthday theme party can not only rid of awkward moments, but make guests want to stay longer and laugh more. For a friend's 30th birthday theme, we had a 70's party. Everyone was encouraged to wear an outfit that resembled the 70's. Of course, the music was all 70's, we had a disco ball, and I was shocked at how many people really got into the theme. Everyone left the party laughing and commenting about how much fun they'd had. My friend was thrilled with the way that her party turned out.

There are so many birthday themes that you can make work for the occasion. There are the traditional themes: Hawaiian, 70's, 60's, 50's, BBQ, western, beach, etc. While there isn't anything wrong with choosing a traditional birthday theme, or any party theme for that matter, I prefer to be more creative and give the guests a reason to want to come.

My aunt turned 40 a few years back. She wanted a birthday party but something different. After considering several birthday themes, she actually chose to have a murder mystery birthday party. Of course, the normal birthday traditions of cake and ice cream took place, but everyone came dressed as a character and had to solve a mystery. It turned out to be one of the best parties that I'd ever attended.

Whatever your birthday theme turns out to be, make it creative and enjoyable. Make your birthday party one that people will remember and look forward to helping you celebrate in the future.

California Drunk Driving Laws

You want to know what I like about California? It's the laws. States really need to start cracking down harder on criminals. This is the reason why so many other countries lack high crime rates. They punish severely! Now I'm not saying that we need to chop off the hand of someone who steels a loaf of bread, but I am saying that we need harsher punishments in general. Clearly our judicial system is not having a strong enough impact on those who break the law. Take drunk driving for example. This is far too common in America. The sad reality is that far too many drunk drivers end up hurting someone other than themselves. Maybe it's time we all converted to the california drunk driving laws. I do like their "3 strikes you're out" policy. This will have a more powerful effect on the public in general.

Do you know much about the california drunk driving laws, or any state laws for that matter? Hey, just a heads-up here, but you may want to look into them for your own good. This in fact may discourage you from drinking and driving. Here where I live in a rather rural community, there are plenty of drunk drivers out there. I constantly see folks getting pulled over on Friday and Saturday nights. This makes me happy in a way. It stinks that their drinking and driving, but I'm glad to see them punished. You can always tell when someone has been drinking. They have no control on the road. I avoid these vehicles like the plague. Every time I spot one cruising next to me or in front of me, I clear out of the way. I'm not putting my family at risk. I wish we had some of the stricter california drunk driving laws in place here. Maybe then some of these idiots would learn not to mix the two. I think after on incident a person should lose his/her license for at least a year. This would have a strong effect on the guilty and dissuade others from drinking and driving.

If you're a California resident and not up to date regarding the california drunk driving laws, then I suggest you get online and check out what's up. These laws can change as time progresses. Our country is trying harder to squelch this redundant issue. However, this always requires stronger measures. Get on the web today and read about california drunk driving laws and the laws in your state.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Christmas Catalog

Christmas can be hectic at the malls. It's fun to go take a look at their displays, especially with kids, but after a day of shopping, you can be worn out from the crowds! A Christmas catalog offers a way to find some very unusual quality gifts, without the crowds. You'll save on time as well, as browsing a Christmas catalog is much less arduous than hoofing it at a mall.
Many of us already receive dozens of Christmas catalogs in our home mailboxes. If you're looking for some fresh ideas, do a search online for items favored by your family and friends.
If your daughter is a budding writer, a journal and pen is one idea. Search for “writing journals pens gift catalogs” and locate thousands of sellers. Take a look at different sites, and request a catalog from sites you like. Merchants send these out promptly, as they're looking to make sales.
If your brother is an avid reader, this one's easy. Online booksellers are virtual catalogs you can browse online. Most have excellent search engines.
Simply put, there are very few online merchants who do not have a Christmas catalog, either in print or online.
Museum shops have wonderful Christmas catalogs, filled with unusual items you won't find elsewhere. The Metropolitan Museum in New York has an outstanding Christmas catalog, with many affordable gifts. They usually have scarves, jewelry, replicas of statuary and well-known stained glass pieces, beautiful stationery and cards, puzzles and lots of good kid's gift items, and of course, books. It is possible to complete all of your gift shopping from Museum Christmas catalogs. The Smithsonian, Guggenheim, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and San Francisco Ballet all have excellent Christmas catalogs. Search online for museums in your areas of interest. For example, there are maritime, history, doll, train and pioneer oriented museums. Try a search phrase like “search engines museums” or “directories museums” to quickly zero in on your museum of choice.
Other popular gift ideas relate to cooking and gardening, two of the most popular hobbies in the country. So if you have a cook or gardener on your gift list, search out sites with catalogs. Again, locating search engines and directories for cooking or gardening makes for a quicker search.
You can see that a selection of Christmas catalogs can provide you with an armchair shopping trip, freeing you from many exhausting hours of walking and driving. You'll be able to spend more time with family and friends celebrating the beauty of the Christmas season.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Online Medical Advice

There is nothing scarier than having a medical problem and not knowing what it is. You go between thinking the worst, and hoping for the best. When you don’t know what is wrong with you, you feel totally helpless and probably feel very alone, no matter how many people are surrounding you. I have a friend who is going through this very thing right now, and my heart goes out to him. Like most people, his work depends on his health. If something is seriously wrong, he is going to have to leave a job that he loves more than anything. You can get advice anywhere, but some people look for online medical advice when they are faced with the unknown.
When you first realize something may be wrong, you go to see your doctor, but you may not be told very much until a battery of tests are completed. This leaves you wondering, and when this happens, you thirst for answers. You can look for online medical advice to try to guess what is wrong, and to perhaps see if you can find anything your doctor may have missed. There is nothing wrong with this, but when it comes to online medical advice, you really have to be careful about where you go and what you believe.
There are a great many sites on the Internet that offer online medical advice. The problem with this is that most of the sites are not run or overseen by doctors. This can lead to you getting some bad medical advice. I have written quite a few medical articles, but when I do, I make sure that I include a note that says the article is meant to be a guide only, and that a doctor is the only one who can verify or diagnose a medical condition. The articles are for reference only. The problem with online medical advice is that some sites don’t include this disclaimer.
The best way to use online medical advice is to use it for research only. Never take what you find as a concrete answer. Do your research, print out what you find interesting or relevant, and then present that information to your doctor for discussion. They should go over it with you, and help you answer some of your questions. There is a lot of good online information out there, but don’t take everything you read as being truth. Your doctor should be your guide in any medical situation, and you should never believe or try anything without talking it over with them first.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Christmas Gift For Grandparents

One of the most challenging things to find is a Christmas gift for grandparents. This is mostly because we just don’t know what they will like. Getting a great idea for a grandparent’s present isn’t really as difficult as you may think.
I used to run around in circles trying to figure out what to get for my grandmother and grandfather during the holiday season. My search for the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents often started as early as October. Even though my search started early, I would still find myself empty handed just days before the special holiday.
This is not because I don’t know my grandmother and grandfather. I actually know them really, really well. This is why I have such trouble with getting a Christmas gift for grandparents. I know that they have everything that they want.
My grandmother’s collection of knick knacks has reached maximum density and my grandfather always says, “Less is more.” How am I supposed to shop for people like that? Sometimes it takes an outsider to help us find the perfect Christmas gift for grandparents even though we are really close to them.
Sometimes you can be too close. The obvious choices just don’t jump out at you. Now that I am an adult, I shy away from getting a sentimental item as a Christmas gift for grandparents. This is my first mistake. There is nothing wrong with making a special personalized ornament as a keepsake or a special collection of facts about the year that they were married.
Also, we may think that grandma and grandpa have everything that they could ever want just because that is what they keep telling us. No matter how content they may seem, they still do play the state lottery an awful lot. Maybe this would be a great Christmas gift for grandparents.
I think that I am going to make a gift basket filled with lucky items including scratch and win tickets as well as other lottery ticket items. Even if the tickets are not winners, I’m sure that they will provide some interesting entertainment. Of course, adding some cookies and hot chocolate in the arrangement wouldn’t hurt.
Aside from the lottery ticket basket, I think that I may consult with my siblings and our cousins about getting the ultimate Christmas gift for grandparents. I think that they would love a nice getaway at a bed and breakfast. We could put a gift certificate in the center of the lottery display.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Borderline Personality Disorder

I have worked in the counseling field for many years. I have had a number of different case loads and duties. For me the most difficult people to work with are those that are diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. These are clients that will have everyone running around in circles and doing all the work. When ever I find myself disagreeing with another professional about what a particular client needs, I know I am dealing with someone with a borderline personality disorder.
This diagnosis is so very frustrating because the person is often times quite intelligent. They are masters at reading people and they know exactly who they will be able to manipulate. At one point in my career I worked for a social service agency dealing with children’s mental health cases. I was assigned sixteen cases to manage. One case had a mother and daughter that were both diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Each month when I was filling out my case contact information I noticed that thirty percent of my time went towards this one case.
People diagnosed with borderline personality disorder are very good at engaging others that they feel can help them get what they want. They usually have the ability to make friends with their excellent social skills. They can talk people out of money and also convince others that they are being picked on or persecuted by the system. They love to surround themselves in drama. They will set up situations to create drama in their lives and then they sit back and watch as others around them run around and try to fix the problems.
Treatment for borderline personality disorder is very complex and long term. The person has to be taught how they should feel in various situations and how they should engage others for mutual relationships, rather than use people. These are things that come naturally for most people. Borderline personality disorder is a learned way of behaving. It is not a chemical imbalance of the brain, so there are not medications that can be used to treat the person. Behavior modification techniques and consistent feed back are the most effective ways of getting the individual to live within the parameters of society. This is a long term process and is most effectively accomplished in a group home setting. We are learning that it is best to separate people with various personality disorders from those with classic mental health conditions during the treatment process. The individual with borderline personality disorder, which is most often female, are too skilled at targeting the more vulnerable clients that have an illness verses a disorder.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Amish People

Imagine a lifestyle completely different from your own. At this point I suppose most people will ponder the endless possibilities of wealth, beauty and fortune. That's basically what everyone does. They begin wishing for a life that's better in some way, shape or fashion. Of course it has to involve a massive income and a beautiful partner. The truth is most of us don't really think about the other half. You know, the ones who are less fortunate or have less than we currently do. Imagine what this may be like. Then there are the ones who choose a different way of life. Take the amish people for instance. These folks are not forced to live in the old-fashion manner in which they do. It's all about choice and sticking with the old ways and traditions.
I doubt you know any amish people. Okay, that's a pretty big assumption on my part, I know. Personally I can't say that I've even ever spoken with modern-day amish people. However, I did used to see them all the time. Back when I lived in a very small town in Northeastern Iowa, amish people would ride through the town on occasion in their horse and wagon. It was quite bizarre for me to witness this. It's hard to believe that some people choose such a limited way of life in such a modern era. Well, limited in the technology sense anyway. I always heard my father gripe about the amish people that resided near by. He was a game warden and simply couldn't agree with their ways of life. The Amish would kill animals to eat, regardless of whether or not they had a hunting license or the game was in season. I guess you could say this is living off the land. For me it's difficult to hold them accountable in the same manner. They live in their own little world so to speak. Should the amish people be subject to our laws and ways of life, even if their world fails to affect us in any way?
It's a good idea to learn about the amish people before you judge them. In fact, it's always a wise plan to do your homework before making ridiculous assumptions. One thing I have learned about these people is that they work together and they're amazing carpenters. A group of them built a cabin for my brother up in Iowa, and it is outstanding. Get the scoop on their way of life today.

American Idol Tour

Everyone dreams of being a pop star. I know that I do. That is why the American idol show has been such a phenomenal success. You can see it everywhere around you these days. People just line up to see American idols live. But the popularity has spawned a huge number of concerts, and you will have the chance to see this phenomenon live if it is what you really want to do. There are people all over the world who are going out this summer to see the American idol tour, and that is no joke.
My cousin was one of the first people in line when the American idol mall tour stopped by her home town in Saint Louis. My cousin is no fool. She is a typical Midwestern mall rat, who has all the clothes, the attention of all the boys, and of course is always up on the latest celebrity gossip. So when she learned about the American idol tour, she was one of the very first of the kids to get there to get tickets, and try to meet the idols. She even signed up to audition for the American idol tour. Although she did not quite sing well enough to make the cut, the judges told her that she had talent, that she should come back next time, and that she should buy as many tickets to the American idol tour as she could, and take all of her friend. As I said, she is no fool – she did just as they asked her, without a second thought.
Of course, if you are going to see the American idol tour, it is probably best to brush up on your tv trivia before you go there. On the off chance that you can meet a star on the American idol tour, you do not want to make yourself look like a fool by not remembering all of the important details about their career. On the contrary, you should probably no every outfit that every star on the American idol tour has ever worn, at least in each public appearance. Talent is for jazz musicians, if you ask me. For American idol stars, what makes them big is their beauty and sense of fashion. Who needs to sound good when you can look good on the American idol tour on tv? That is the ticket to success.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Stationary Exercise Bike

Stationary Exercise Bike
Working out often requires a bit of ingenuity. It isn’t always possible to find a place to run, and getting to a gym isn’t always as easy as some would like you think. When this happens, you have to find a way to exercise in your home, or at the very least, have an alternative to the gym when you just can’t get there. Some people like to workout to DVDs, but a stationary exercise bike is a very easy to use and popular choice for many people.
The great thing about a stationary exercise bike is that you can find all sizes. No matter how small your home is you can probably still find a little space to fit one in. They are usually easier to move around than a treadmill, and some can fit into a tiny corner. A stationary exercise bike is probably pretty easy to find as well. If you can’t afford a new one, chances are good that you can find a good model that has been used, but is still in great shape. Look in local classifieds or even your local thrift store to find one.
A stationary exercise bike is ideal for almost anyone. Even those with special medical conditions may be able to use one for exercise. You should discuss this with your doctor, of course, but you may find that a stationary exercise bike can help you get the exercise you need without putting too much stress on your body. If you have bad knees, this might not be the case, but in most other cases, it is easy on the body, as long as you use it correctly.
You can buy new models all over the place. Most department stores carry these, and you can also find a stationary exercise bike in health and fitness stores. There are a lot of exercise machines that come and go in popularity, but the stationary exercise bike seems to always be available. The standard isn’t the standard any longer either, as there are so many different types, and you may have a hard time selecting the model you want to purchase.
The most important part of owning a stationary exercise bike is making sure that you use it. It won’t do you any good sitting there in the corner collecting dust. Also remember to keep an eye on the moving parts to make sure they are oiled as necessary, and that the screws are all tight and fit securely so you don’t have an accident while using your stationary exercise bike. Remember to keep children away, as they can get hurt if they stick their fingers in the chain or in the moving wheel.

Starting Your Own Business

Starting your own business
About two years ago, my husband and I decided to research what starting your own business would be like. He knew his industry and area of expertise incredibly well and we had known several people who successfully started their own businesses and loved it. Starting your own business sounded like a great idea and something that we figured we could accomplish. My parents advised us to slow down and think before we got in over our heads or signed on any dotted lines. We figured, we were grown up and knew what we were doing. Afterall, I had just turned 30 years old - I was capable of knowing what starting your own business would entail. Now that I look back, I realize that I should have listened to my parents when they gave out advice on starting your own business. I would still have supported my husband 100% but we definitely would have done some things incredibly differently.
Starting your own business isn't just a decision that you make overnight. Trust me on that fact and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You need to realize that starting your own business will affect your life in every way possible and could really dampen your personal financial situation greatly for the first few years. I never thought about the fact that starting your own business doesn't mean that the profits are going to start rolling in. In fact, even if your starting your own business starts off as a huge success, that doesn't mean that you can even touch your profits right away. There are so many more expenses involved in starting your own business than I would have ever guessed. While the profits were steadily moving in for us starting on the first day, our business loan and overextended credit needed to be taken care of first. We had many people tell us that starting your own business usually means that for the first several years, there really isn't a profit. We laughed at that thought and just assumed that people were trying to discourage us. It is now two years later and while our business is successful, it isn't always easy to pay yourself. The bills and loans need to be paid first.
When starting your own business, get some professional advice. Talk to someone who knows what starting your own business is about. Perhaps that would be a family member or a professional - someone can help you know all the ins and outs of starting your own business. It isn't as easy as it sounds. Starting your own business is terrifying and rewarding. Make sure that in starting your own business, you have an excellent business plan whether you're trying to borrow money or not. Having a business plan helps you figure out what your goals are when starting your own business. You should also know what amount of money will be needed when starting your own business. We underestimated greatly and ended up putting entirely too much on our personal credit cards. That's a terrible idea when starting your own business. Think ahead.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Affordable Health Care

More and more Americans are in need of affordable health care. Some employers for hardworking employees have had to cut back on some of the health care for everyone because of the rising costs and working with a budget. I know, I am one of them. I have a great job and prior to 2006, I had amazingly wonderful health care. Suddenly, my employer announced last fall that it was getting too expensive and switching health care providers. The company was seeking more affordable health care that would benefit all of its employees. Some people will argue that my new insurance is still great and I am fortunate to have it. I do agree, to some extent. However, their search for affordable health care now costs me double the money from my paychecks to have my husband and daughter on my policy. Yes, that is correct, it is costing me double what I was accustomed to. This means, that for my company to provide affordable health care to all of the employees, it is no longer affordable for us. Without getting a raise, my paychecks are dwindling just so that my family can have health care.
Granted, my health care is still decent. The new company that we have is not as good as our previous. In my opinion, my company's search for affordable health care not only left all of us with a significant cut in our paychecks, but higher co-pays and more out-of-pockets expenses from us. Four years ago, I gave birth to a wonderful little girl. My old insurance paid 100% of my hospital stay. Today, if I had a baby, it would cost me almost $4,200 for my out-of-pocket fees. That's just for the hospital and delivery. I would also be paying more for my co-pays. Somehow, it just doesn't seem to be fair to the majority that is involved.
There are more and more affordable health care programs being created to help those that do not have any coverage. Single mothers, families working for companies that don't offer coverage, low-income households - they are all able to get affordable health care or even free health care. While I am appreciative of those programs because they are savings lives and helping people to grow stronger and healthier, some people take advantage of them. Those programs should be for struggling families who are taking steps to better their futures, not for people who have no motivation and live off of the state systems and affordable health care programs. The taxpayers, such as myself, are contributing to the affordable health care programs. Meanwhile, my family hesitates to visit the doctor because the costs we now could incur. My employer definitely found advantages to finding affordable healthcare for its employees. However, their money saving technique wasn't good news to employees. We suddenly were making up for their affordable health care endeavor - by seeing less of our paychecks. Something needs to be done in this country to offset rising costs and provide more affordable health care to those who are in need.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Buns Of Steel

Are those jeans a little tight around the waist? Well, if this sounds familiar, you may be suffering from a serious affliction. It's called weight gain. Yes indeed folks, millions of Americans struggle with this dilemma every year. Maybe you've hit 30 and your metabolism decided to go caput on you; or maybe you started working second shift and dinner time is now midnight. Whatever the case, something has to give. No one wants to pack on the pounds and have to ditch their old wardrobe for a whole new line of clothing from the "plus size" store. Don't be fooled. This isn't a plus as in better; but a plus as in gained a few pounds. Now, what you need is to get back in shape and fast. It's time to pull out the big guns. It's time for "buns of steel." Have you tried out the buns of steel fitness regime? This is a video tape you can purchase virtually anywhere. Like most fitness tapes, it is meant to get your body back into shape. Okay, so your buns are a big part of it. Hey, don't laugh. Our backsides play a big role in the attention we receive from the opposite sex. I don't know that I need to reiterate how much males are drawn to the buns of the opposite gender, but did you know that surveys show this is the primary part focused on by women? Yes, women love shapely buns as well. I would have guessed it was a man's chest, but apparently nice buns are more appreciated. How are your buns looking these days, men? Okay, that just sounds bad. Regardless, it's not only the women's job to acquire buns of steel. Men everywhere need to take the initiative and get into shape for their ladies. It's always a two-way street. What does your current exercise routine consist of? Are you hitting the gym on a regular basis or are you sticking with some home exercises? Either is fine for getting in shape. If you are one of those individuals who prefer working out at home, then buns of steel is a perfect asset for you. This fitness tape won't cost you much and you can use it forever. The easiest place to purchase a buns of steel workout video is online. The Internet is loaded with fitness tapes and regimes. Pop open any discount superstore such as, and find buns of steel for a low price. Get those buns you've always wanted.