Sunday, December 17, 2006

Save Your Phone Bill with Internet phone

VoIP is the technology that allows consumers to make phone calls (local, long distance or international) with an Internet connection, instead of traditional phone service. Since Internet Service Providers (ISPs) charge a fixed monthly fee for connection, sdo theoretically, you could make unlimited phone calls free. In order to do that, you’ll need a VoIP providers. What VoIP service provides is the translation of your voice to data packets transmitting over the Internet when you talk, and the translation of data packets conveying the voice messages from other end of the phone to the voice that you can hear when you listen on the phone.

There’s a cost of using VoIP service of course. After all, VoIP providers need to make money just as what ISPs do. Vonage phone service is one of mostly used VoIP services. VoIP providers charge a flat monthly service fee between $20-$50 dependent on the service provider and the plan. If you make a lot of calls especially expensive international calls, the saving from many minutes of free international calls using VoIP will easily justify the flat fee you paid for VoIP service. If you don’t talk often but have a high speed Internet connection already, the choice to sign up with a VoIP service is still justified since you could completely drop the standard local and long distance phone services you use. If you don’t talk often on the phone and don’t have a high speed or broadband Internet connection, VoIP service is likely more expensive that standard phone service. You’ll have to pay for broadband Internet connection.

The quality of VoIP service rivals traditional telephone service now even though many users still have the memory of poor sound quality and connectivity that markek the early VoIP. N fact, VoP has become a mainstream alternative to standard telephone service. There’re many VoIP providers and a few major players. For instance, Vonage boasts over one million subscribers and offer service in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and other European countries. Vonage VoIP continues to offer new services and plans to meet the needs of both business and residential markets. Small businesses could use VoIP as an alternative to 1-800 numbers to cut down the cost of phone bills.