Saturday, October 21, 2006

American Idol Tour

Everyone dreams of being a pop star. I know that I do. That is why the American idol show has been such a phenomenal success. You can see it everywhere around you these days. People just line up to see American idols live. But the popularity has spawned a huge number of concerts, and you will have the chance to see this phenomenon live if it is what you really want to do. There are people all over the world who are going out this summer to see the American idol tour, and that is no joke.
My cousin was one of the first people in line when the American idol mall tour stopped by her home town in Saint Louis. My cousin is no fool. She is a typical Midwestern mall rat, who has all the clothes, the attention of all the boys, and of course is always up on the latest celebrity gossip. So when she learned about the American idol tour, she was one of the very first of the kids to get there to get tickets, and try to meet the idols. She even signed up to audition for the American idol tour. Although she did not quite sing well enough to make the cut, the judges told her that she had talent, that she should come back next time, and that she should buy as many tickets to the American idol tour as she could, and take all of her friend. As I said, she is no fool – she did just as they asked her, without a second thought.
Of course, if you are going to see the American idol tour, it is probably best to brush up on your tv trivia before you go there. On the off chance that you can meet a star on the American idol tour, you do not want to make yourself look like a fool by not remembering all of the important details about their career. On the contrary, you should probably no every outfit that every star on the American idol tour has ever worn, at least in each public appearance. Talent is for jazz musicians, if you ask me. For American idol stars, what makes them big is their beauty and sense of fashion. Who needs to sound good when you can look good on the American idol tour on tv? That is the ticket to success.