Saturday, October 21, 2006

Amish People

Imagine a lifestyle completely different from your own. At this point I suppose most people will ponder the endless possibilities of wealth, beauty and fortune. That's basically what everyone does. They begin wishing for a life that's better in some way, shape or fashion. Of course it has to involve a massive income and a beautiful partner. The truth is most of us don't really think about the other half. You know, the ones who are less fortunate or have less than we currently do. Imagine what this may be like. Then there are the ones who choose a different way of life. Take the amish people for instance. These folks are not forced to live in the old-fashion manner in which they do. It's all about choice and sticking with the old ways and traditions.
I doubt you know any amish people. Okay, that's a pretty big assumption on my part, I know. Personally I can't say that I've even ever spoken with modern-day amish people. However, I did used to see them all the time. Back when I lived in a very small town in Northeastern Iowa, amish people would ride through the town on occasion in their horse and wagon. It was quite bizarre for me to witness this. It's hard to believe that some people choose such a limited way of life in such a modern era. Well, limited in the technology sense anyway. I always heard my father gripe about the amish people that resided near by. He was a game warden and simply couldn't agree with their ways of life. The Amish would kill animals to eat, regardless of whether or not they had a hunting license or the game was in season. I guess you could say this is living off the land. For me it's difficult to hold them accountable in the same manner. They live in their own little world so to speak. Should the amish people be subject to our laws and ways of life, even if their world fails to affect us in any way?
It's a good idea to learn about the amish people before you judge them. In fact, it's always a wise plan to do your homework before making ridiculous assumptions. One thing I have learned about these people is that they work together and they're amazing carpenters. A group of them built a cabin for my brother up in Iowa, and it is outstanding. Get the scoop on their way of life today.